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clean netutral and modern kitchen with gold and white accents

 Livable Luxury Design for Timeless Investments




Dedicated to shaping a luxurious and personalized environment that uniquely reflects your style, our interior design services in the St. Louis Area specialize in new construction, renovations, and full room furnishings. Allow us to manage every aspect, blending a thoughtful design approach with resourcefulness and a network of top-tier vendors.

Kalissa Wilson, owner and founder of Kalissa Interior Designs


We're at YOUR Service!

Stress-Free Design Journey: Leave the challenge of merging diverse ideas and inspirations to us. Sit back and enjoy the transformation.

Clear Vision and Confidence: Unsure of your style? We'll bring your dream home to life with vivid 2D and 3D visuals, ensuring your confidence in every decision.

Timeless Designs for Real Life: Our designs are more than aesthetics; they're crafted around your real-life experiences, ensuring they remain timeless and personal.

Seamless Process, Constant Communication: Enjoy a streamlined design process, where clear and consistent communication makes your experience enjoyable and effortless.


Tailoring Livable Luxury: We specialize in creating homes that embody both luxury and livability, perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

kitchen with wood cabinetry and black granite countertop interior design

Step into Livable luxury

A Real Experience 

Welcome to Kalissa Interior Designs, where luxury meets livability, and your home becomes a true extension of your life's most cherished experiences. As the founder of this boutique design studio, we are passionately committed to creating spaces that embody "livable luxury" – a unique blend of sumptuous elegance and family-friendly practicality. A home that stands the test of trend and embraces the title of TIMELESS

Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in understanding our clients' lives and experiences, a REAL Experience.  

R: relating to E: experiences A: around your L: life.


We believe that a home should not just be a place to live, but a reflection of the journey, memories, and dreams of those who live in it. This belief has shaped our detailed design process, where we delve into the core of your life's most impactful experiences.  These insights become the foundation of our unique design ideas, ensuring that your vision is a living reality — a home that's not just seen, but felt in every corner.

modern white and black kitchen interior design

Ways to Work with Us

new kitchen construction with black and white interior design
Full Service Furnishings

Opt for one room or multiple for complete room makeovers in a livable luxury design style. Our aim is to elevate your outdated or basic room into a space that's both luxurious and welcoming for the whole family. Imagine revamping everything – from flooring and walls to lighting, along with stylish furniture, cozy rugs, and chic accessories. It's all about transforming the entire room into sophisticated yet practical elegance!

small project accessory styling on table
New Construction/Renovation

This service is more than design; it's your all-inclusive, hands-free guide for New Construction or Remodeling. We seamlessly integrate every element from the first vision spark to the meticulous selection of each piece. As your advocate and liaison, we're dedicated to guiding you through every step of your construction project allowing you the freedom to go about your busy lifestyle

living room interior design room makeover with sofas and coffe table.
Small Project Services

Revel in the simplicity of quick, creative and impactful livable luxury design in just a click! After a comprehensive consultation and a concise design phase, you’ll receive a fully developed, ready-to-implement Design Plan for any room in your home. Complete with a curated shopping list and the ability for you to purchase and install as your time allows.


Ideal for those who value expert insight to curate a cohesively designed space and can confidently implement the plan themselves.


Good design isn't easy on your own and we would love to provide that designer's eye you need to create a chic and comfortable living space for your family.

Kalissa Wilson interior designer at Kalissa Interior Designs

Interior design is not just about creating spaces, but about shaping YOUR experiences and memories. 

Hi There! I'm Kalissa

Welcome to the world of Kalissa, where interior design is not just about creating spaces, but about shaping experiences and celebrating memories. 

For many, a home is more than just a place; it's a vision of warmth, celebration, and comfort. It's where life's cherished moments unfold, from joyous family gatherings to the quiet retreats at day's end. Understanding this, I am dedicated to bringing that vivid image in your mind to life through a personalized and thoughtful interior design journey.

My role goes beyond mere design; it's about guiding you through a process that carefully stitches together each element of your dream home.


From the initial spark of your vision to the meticulous selection of each piece, from efficient project management to the final execution, I am with you every step of the way. This journey is about more than aesthetics; it's about crafting a space that resonates with your heart and soul.

What Clients Say...

"We couldn't be happier with the interior design Kalissa provided!   With just one conversation, she captured our vision and brought it to life. She truly listens and cares about her clients!   This showed with the inclusion of unexpected personal touches in pieces that remind us of our previous home in Utah, making our space that much more meaningful.  The design she created reflects not just our taste but also our story!"

Doug & Nancy Bardugon

St. Louis Area Interior Design: Transforming Everyday Homes into Extraordinary Living Spaces

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